I sat there staring at the open window, the wind gushing in furiously blowing the sheers all the way in. The bad headache couldn’t go away well, I could blame it to last night escapades. I need a cup of coffee and some Advil too, then a good sleep hoping I’ll wake up better and not hating myself for everything.
The bar stool seemed too high for me tonight or is it that I was growing shorter, I don’t understand or it’s my 6th shot of tequila trying to build up things in my head. Anyway I still sit and remind myself that I’ll have to tell Eddy to buy bar stools suitable for everyone. He is supposed to be here already, I don’t understand how you invite me for a drink out but I end up taking more shots before your arrival. As I drain away in alcohol swinging my legs to the music playing in the background too many questions race through my mind. Like who sat down and started distinguishing glasses and what your are supposed to take in each of them? Mmmh they must have had quite some time on their hands because I still don’t get how different vodka will taste out of a whiskey glass. I will still enjoy my drink nonetheless. I feel like I shouldn’t be doing this, but there is part of me that keeps pinching me “you are already here whats the worst that can happen”
When we exchanged numbers I never really thought I’d get to see him again. They are the kind you get a glimpse at and you find yourself spilling a drink all over your blouse. And now everyone turns towards you and you’re so embarrassed. I met him courtesy of a friend at those relaxed house parties , those that are assumed to be of the “mature”- they at times turn out to be boring rather than relaxed. He was a charm and had a good tongue but I didn’t want to put so much attention to him because apparently he was dating a lady friend. It stung me so hard but we always got to maintain our cue in such situations.
So here we were on the first night in a local bar where not a soul knew him nor me. At least that’s what I convinced myself. And I had to make sure I was fully intoxicated at least so that I could later blame the alcohol for what I would say.
He finally gets here dressed in those well cut out designer coats and the shoes …..The kind that says “I am too sexy for your handling”. I have this fetish for men shoes I think it counts as an instant turn on for me. Quick exchange of a casual hug, I wouldn’t want to seem so clingy “you are already here meeting an already taken guy, you are clingy” says the mean me in my head; “don’t be so mean to me and let me enjoy the night. He orders a light beer; wow did I set the bar too high for myself here? I’m having tequila and he settles for light beer. Well ‘shrugs shoulder’. He tells me he was stuck in traffic somewhere because he got a last minute client. I’m not really listening to his excuses, who cares anyway whether it is legit or not. And chances are it’s not even legit. To my standards he fails in being a punctual lad.
The place is now getting louder and I think I’ve set my two left feet on the dance floor, I can’t impress with a dance anyway but alcohol can make you do anything and I danced. Which is triggered by his choice of few words and I keep asking my inner soul “why did we really come here?” Did we think that he’d drop that petite chic of his with a models body for some boring scientist whose idea of fun is a night out on a bar stool?’” I felt so pathetic but at the same time proud enough that he utilized a number on his cell phone. “So what about an afternoon out in our own national animal park tomorrow afternoon” he whispered to me. “Ah yes, wouldn’t mind it’s been long since I’ve been there.” I had just agreed to another hangout moment with a guy who I had barely held a legit conversation with ” ooh crap anyway let’s not judge with the first. Alcohol is now fully in my system and I steal a few kisses before realizing it’s too overboard. We talk about the city, the weather what we love and I kiss out to the stars he didn’t mention his love for the girlfriend (like I expected him to) gave me few hopes on some imaginary things. Well I think I’m getting out of hand and need to just lie down, except not in his arms at least not yet. “I’m crazily interested in you in greater ways than you think. Please purpose to show up tomorrow and don’t fail” he whispers to my ear so rhythmically. Goosebumps all over and I have to leave.
I’m lying on this bed with this headache that is so annoying not really understanding what really happened. I guess I don’t really have to call and ask about the park date. I tap his lean shoulder just next to me; “how do you like your coffee, mild strong or just strong?”

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