Knowing yourself

Clearly this is the first time i am doing this and I think I’ll just make my way through it the best way i can…..Here goes…
Making: woolen sweaters
Eating: lots of ice-cream
Drinking: Extra dark coffee
Wanting: travel and just go
Playing: Word puzzles
Creating: memorable moments
Enjoying: the sunset
Loving: the sound of the wind chyme
Hoping: to get a job
Smelling: possibilities, opportunities
Wearing: shorts,shorts and shorts
Eating: an apple every day
Following: my guts
Noticing: the good in everything
Knowing: that I am a dreamer
Creating: more frenemies
Giggling: when watching shameless
Cutting: onions in tears
Opening: a bottle of wine
Feeling: philanthropic
Listening: to Sia on repeat mode
Thinking: why did I get myself into this
Wishing: I could go on a great adventure
Drinking: more whiskey
Obsessed: with books and books
More: hiking
Enjoying: the gift of life
Wondering: where is this wind of change
Loving: a good laugh
Noticing: other people’s house arrangements, the decor
Opening: up to new ideas
Will it be easy? i don’t know

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