It’s been long since I sat and decided to sit down and type something. This post though is one of the craziest I would think of and I must say it’s not really my original work but somehow I have been ticking what has been done and what hasn’t been done. This are the 25 things I think one should get done before one is 25yrs. Enjoy the read and tick off what is done and what needs to be done :

  1. Apologize to someone you were mean to in your previous life.
  2. Make a real guy who is really just a friend.
  3. Get a job working with food or working with clothes.
  4. Live in another.
  5. Confront a fear.
  6. Travel on the cheap.
  7. Do an illegal drug.
  8. Have a really good one night stand with a gorgeous guy.
  9. Learn to depend on God and nobody else.
  10. Splurge on an awesome pair of jeans.
  11. Figure out what kind of wine you actually like.
  12. Take a road trip with your friends.
  13. Try an exotic food you can’t pronounce.
  14. Go to a college football game and go all out.
  15. See a broadways show.
  16. Go 24hrs media free
  17. Skinny dip.
  18. Give back to the community.

Learn to do your own taxes and how to manage your own money.

  1. Take your parents out to a nice dinner.
  2. Start a blog about your life and update it regularly.
  3. Go to pride parade.
  4. Visit to a town and make sure all the craziness that happens there stays there.
  5. Learn to drive a manual car.
  6. Donate blood.
  7. Love like there is no tomorrow.


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