How to be an idiot (Part 1)

diary of a blue bachelor

Allow me to warn you. Being an idiot is not as easy as you may think. In fact it has taken over 15 years to perfect the art. 15 years of constant practice. So one may wake up and decide to be idiotic but stakes are quite high. But hey fellow men, you have a better shot at this. First, because it is somehow encrypted in the Y chromosome (I cant scientifically prove anything) ,and secondly because few ladies are willing to try their hands in idiot business. The fact that I am writing this post shows how far I have come in this field. And the fact that you have read this far is quite empowering. No offense, of course.

Look out, Watch closely

I have fought battles in my life. I have burst my ass trying to be a nonconformist. I digress.. but I am a guitarist, an…

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