I’m single probably too young to understand about marriage, but at least I know something about love….so as I write this I am not all so blank about partnership.

I am the kind of girl who has been in one or maybe two relationships based out of love or should we say infatuation whatever it was I loved the sensation though . Out of those relationships I learnt a couple of things that I know will help me as I keep waiting for that one person.

Well today I am onto the married women who keep on whining and complaining about their husbands and the way they have changed and how the wish they had made a better choice of either not getting married or even getting married to a better person. Sincerely this pisses me off, what makes you think that he is the cause to the miseries in your marriage?

Well, I guess before one gets married they go through the meditation process and I know it’s a critical moment since these are decisions one makes that will affect them the rest of their lives. So if you took the time to meditate and came to a sober decision why are you complaining?

Before you chose him you studied him became aware of his norms, saw what he likes and what he dislikes. You knew of his greatest addictions and looked deeper to see whether with time the addictions would fall out. You understood his happy times and his down moments and how he reacts to each of them. With all that studied, I don’t understand what makes you so mad when he does the same things now that you are married to him for over five years.

Unluckily or should I say luckily I always find myself hanging around married women. Work colleagues, my aunties, my mother and her friends; and every time there is always someone complaining about marriage and giving me that little piece of advice they always say is important “don’t get married” and if you do “don’t be in such a hurry. It is not such a happy haven”

Well, from my own view I know marriage is not all a bed of roses even for those who are in the ‘perfect marriages’ but really do we ladies have to keep complaining and putting all the blame on men. Why doesn’t always hit us that it could be something I’m doing that has made him change. I am not going start acting a marriage therapist and all that, besides I know so little about marriage but one thing is clear I have made it a point to hang around both parties (men and (women) and sincerely I have never heard men complaining about their wives or their spouses and if there is a problem they talk it out in a mature manner.

Ladies don’t get me wrong that I am for the men no, no, no they are not all perfect and maybe that’s why the married women complain a lot. But again why shouldn’t they (married women) just adopt a culture of appreciating. I am sure they (men) are not always doing all things wrong….he at times does things perfectly it wouldn’t hurt showing some appreciation.

At least create a positive attitude for we who are not yet married, even as we prepare to venture into that stage of life, we will not carry the negativity along. And if they are problems we will know how to tackle them positively and not have the mentality that once I get married to that sweet boyfriend of mine he will turn to a different person that I barely knew the three years I dated him.

Marriage is a blessed institution at least the Bible has taught me that about,. To all the married women who keep complaining please stop creating the wrong picture. And stop making it look as if it’s the greatest mistake you made.


  1. Love is both overrated and underrated that’s why people complain,men do complain too tho’ just that you never around ’em.
    Nice work Dorin.Keep up

    Liked by 1 person

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