The year is 2015 the year which I complete my undergraduate studies. I am very excited being a degree holder at 22 years old, that’s quite an achievement and I’m so proud of myself. What excites me most is the notion that I will no longer be termed as a broke college student trying to make it through. (I don’t understand why one has to be so broke when you in college, the cash is never enough despite being a beneficiary of the government loans). And the thought of getting a job or something to keep me busy is what is running through my mind. Not at one point did it hit me my first job out there will be a job where I self-employ myself in being a job seeker.

I know I’m not alone in this every fresh graduate dreams of getting their certificate and boom! Land a well-paying job ASAP. Well, I guess that only happens in our minds cause the hardest thing that I have come to terms with this past one month since I completed school is that looking for a job is one of the hardest and most frustrating thing. No company wishes to employ you worse still nobody seems interested to pick you as in intern too. All these got me thinking or I’m I searching the wrong places? Having to spend the little cash I make in offside jobs for fare to places I so wish to work and making endless calls in the name of following up…..whew! It’s quite a hustle I now understand why all who graduated ahead of me kept saying it isn’t all that easy.

Well what next when the hunting gets tough we innovate other ways to still make sure our dreams and hard work don’t go down the drain. I can as well employ myself and that’s when it hit me I studied to be something, I got the knowledge why not combine that and start something of my own as small as it is. And know I’m confidently on the path of offering consultancy in my field of specialty biotechnology and through that each and every day I’m meeting new people in that field and with their help able to learn more in the field.

It isn’t easy being a student i9n college and again isn’t easy being a recent graduate too. But again as someone said it’s a world of survival for the fittest.


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